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Tall Ships at Camden: 2014 Camden Windjammer Festival Video Special

Camden Maine - The 2014 Camden Windjammer Festival started Friday with the arrival of the tall ships of the Maine Windjammer Fleet, kicking off a fantastic weekend celebrating sailing history.

" America's Oldest Commercial Sailing Vessel" The Maine Windjammer Project

" America's Oldest Commercial Sailing Vessel" by Doug Mills
The Victory Chimes, America's oldest commercial sailing vessel, sails into Camden for Camden Windjammer Festival. [08-29-2014]

Friday, August 29, 2014

"Tight Squeeze" The Maine Windjammer Project

"Tight Squeeze" by Doug Mills
It is a tight squeeze as the Victory Chimes enters Camden harbor for the Camden Windjammer Festival.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Early Morning Calm" The Maine Windjammer Project

"Early Morning Calm" by Doug Mills
Victory Chimes, Heritage, Mary Day and J&E Riggin in the early morning calm off Islesboro. [07-05-2013]

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"A Birds Eye View" The Maine Windjammer Project

"A Birds Eye View" by Doug Mills
A birds eye view of the American Eagle as she enters Rockland harbor. [05-26-2008]

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"In The Fog" by Doug Mills
Windjammers of the Maine Windjammer Association gather in the fog for the WoodenBoat Sail In. [09-11-2013]

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"Ghost Ships" The Maine Windjammer Project

"Ghost Ships" by Doug Mills
Isaac H Evans and Heritage return to Rockland like ghost ships in the fog.[08-22-2009]

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EXCLUSIVE Actor Spotlight: D.W. Moffett Interview

From the Chicago area comes a 59 year old actor who has been in several TV shows and movies. The actor we are talking about is D.W. Moffett (Donald Warren Moffett) who currently stars as John Kennish on the ABC Family series 'Switched at Birth', which will be coming back for a fourth season soon.

Some of the movies and TV shows he has been in are 'Headlock' (currently filming), 'Happily Divorced' (TV Series, 2011-2013), 'The Sitter' (2011), Friday Night Lights (TV Series, 2008-2010) and Life Is Wild (TV Series, 2007-2008), just to name a few as D.W's resume is pretty long.

We had the chance to do an E-mail interview with D.W. Moffett. Here what he had to say about his acting career and what advise he would give someone who what's to pursue an acting career.

When did you start acting and why?
I started acting in 1977….during my first year at Continental Bank in Chicago.  I was a young Lending Associate and…well….the acting world just seemed a tad more exciting.

Are there challenges pursuing a acting career?

"A Good Wind" The Maine Windjammer Project

"A Good Wind" by Doug Mills
The Victory Chimes in a good wind on the western Penobscot Bay. [06-07-2010]

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Jordan JAE Releases "Makin' Me Crazy" Official Music Video

The beautiful, talented, up and coming fifteen year old singer Jordan JAE from New York on August 18th released a new music video for her song "Makin' Me Crazy". "Makin' Me Crazy" was co-written by Jordan JAE, Max Wagner and Ari Zizzo.

Song is undeniably danceable with an inspirational message about being confident in who you are. Jordan teamed up with director Alan McIntyre Smith (The Ready Set, Freelance Whales, Never Shout Never) for the super cute music video set in Brooklyn's historic Coney Island amusement park, perfect for end of summer!

Chorus of the song goes; Makin’ me crazy, Why don't you take me, All you do is break me, Might as well just hate me, Oh-oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh

Watch her music video below and don't forget you can download Jordan's new song on iTunes.
A few months ago we interviewed this beautiful fifteen year old singer on her music. You can read our exclusive interview here.

"Rockland, Maine" The Maine Windjammer Project

"Rockland, Maine" by Doug Mills
The Victory Chimes returning home to Rockland, Maine. [06-12-2010]

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