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EXCLUSIVE Musician Spotlight: Multi Talented Lauren Suther

Photo Credit: Steven Wetherbee
Los Angeles, California - Lauren Suthers was born to perform! This 14 year old 'Triple Threat' has performed at some of the hottest venues throughout Southern California from; The Avalon Hollywood, House of Blues Anaheim to Dodger Stadium. She was lead in short films such as; “Hide & Seek”, “Monster”, and featured in “Operation Terror”, and has appeared in numerous print ads and on TV shows. Lauren also has trained with some of the hottest choreographers in the country like: Todd Flanagan, tWitch and Bobby Newberry to name a few.

Lauren was named Rising Star of the Year 2012 on the Jenni20 Countdown Radio & TV Show, featured on 1st Fam FM Radio, TweenPop Radio, as well as, International Australia's FM Radio Stations 2RDJ 88.1 & 100.1 and was named "Stars of Tomorrow Top 5" four times. Look out for her debut EP coming soon!

Her inspiration for music is drawn by experiences in life and through artists like; Adele, Bruno Mars, Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. Her music is about believing in yourself, having fun and never giving up! Dreams do come true if you work hard!

Represented by Actors & Artists Agency, Lasting Legacy PR and is an independent recording artist. Endorsed by Epic Boards.

We recently had the honored to interview this adorable young triple threat about herself and music. Here is what she had to say to us.

When did you start singing?
I started singing at about 10 years old and I never looked back.

Was it your dream to be a singer?
Photo Credit: MomentoVita / Leah Steiger
I wanted to be an actress when I first started in the business, but then when I found my voice, I knew that was a passion also I wanted to pursue.  I'm living my dream right now!

Tell us about your style of singing?
I love to sing Pop and R&B, but for fun all kinds of genres.

Are there challenges pursuing a singing career and being a teenager? 
Yes and No.  This has been my life for as long as I can remember and is a part of me.  I do my best to balance out time with friends & personal time and then rehearsals, training, school and performances. I believe there are no challenges, only opportunities.

Does your parents and friends support you?
Of Course, they are my main cheerleaders! My parents always make sure I'm happy and I know they truly have my back. My friends go to my performances and cheer me on with all they got.  I'm so blessed to have them in my life.

Do you write your own songs? 
Yes I do, and I also get a lot of assistance from my music producer, R1ckone of 3013 Music Group.

If so, tell us what goes into writing a great song?
There are so many factors that come into play when writing a song. For me it's about what message I want to put out there, will the song speak to others, what is going on in the world today or in my life.  It also may be a beat that starts it off or an instrumental sound.  I want my music to have a purpose and meaning and something I feel good about, not just another song out there.

Where was your first performance, were you excited?
It was in Sherman Oaks at CAP.  I was so nervous as I didn't know I was going to be performing.  I had gone there for an interview for a show, but then they threw me up there on stage and I just decided to belt it out, acapella! It turned out to be so much fun.

How do you prepare your voice for a performance?
I practice everyday after homework, doing warm-up to strengthen my vocals.  I also train with my voice coach Jennifer Dustman of Showdown Studios.

Photo Credit: David Pattison
If I went to one of your concerts, what can fans and I expect?
A really fun time! I will be smiling, hyping up the crowd, dancing and just giving a great performance. I would give it all I got!

Where have you been able to perform?
I have had some amazing opportunities to perform at some great venues large and small.  At Dodger Stadium, House of Blues Anaheim, Avalon Universal, Pala Casino, The Mint, Busby's East, and Long Beach Convention Center to name a few.

Who inspires you with your singing and songwriting?
So many performers inspire me to keep doing what I love to do.

If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Radio City Music Hall or Madison Square Gardens in New York.  I always wanted to go to that city, and to perform at a place of legends would be a dream come true.

Along the same line, who would you love to perform with?
It would be an privilege to perform with Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande & Chrisina Perri.

What are some of your goals for your Music?
I would like to win a Grammy (or a few), have some double platinum records.

What do you hope to accomplish with your singing/songwriting?
Inspire some people along the way.  Be known around the world.

What three words best describe you and your music? 
Fun, Inspiring, Positive.

Do you have any advice for those wanting to start a career in singing and songwriting?
Do not rush the process. Always stay strong, and remember there is no time limit.  Never give up on your dream or passion your desire is what will set you apart.  Don't let anyone push you to record lyrics or something you don't like or feel good about, it's your future/career not theirs.

Do you have any other talents?  
I can dance and snowboard. I am also a working actress.

Are you passionate about any charities, if so, why?
JDRF because my best friend's little brother was diagnosed 3 years ago and another girl friends of mine since she was little. I hate to see them or any other young child suffer. I hope to help find a cure someday. Also Cancer Awareness, Susan G. Komen. My grandmother died of ovarian cancer and I never got to meet her.  I walk and donate in her memory.

Is education important to you? 
Education is always my first priority. I enjoy learning new things and also meeting new inspiring teachers.  I have college plans!

Anything else you want our readers to know about you, your singing/songwriting?
I have an upcoming performance at the Social Slam Media Awards at the Ben Kitay Studios on October 4th.  Also, my debut EP will be coming out very soon, so please look out for it.  Make sure to follow me on all social media links to keep up to date.

Lauren is a wonderful singer that has a bright future, not only singing, but, acting and dancing. You can follow this triple threat on social media by going to the following links.

Twitter: LaurenakalilL

Instagram: Official_LaurenSuthers


Facebook: LaurenSuthers

She also shot the promo for new TV Show "Ascensions" on Syfy Channel. Can be seen in commercials for Netflix and Target.
Photo Credit: Leah Steiger/Momento Vita

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